Kim Mantych

What memories would you like to share about Mundelein Seminary?

On June 28, 1986 my husband Ray and I were married at Santa Maria Del Popolo Chapel in Mundelein by Father Tom Bujnowski who had just been ordained at USML in May 1986. We knew the only place to have our wedding photos taken out was out on the pier at Saint Mary of the Lake because from the start of our relationship it had been, and continues to be such a special place in both of our hearts and lives. Thirty five years, three children, and six grandchildren later, we have continued to treasure this sacred space and to share and pass its blessings on to the next generations.

Why is Mundelein Seminary important to you?

As an adolescent growing up in Mundelein in the late 1970s, the seminary grounds (lovingly referred to as “The Sem”) became one of our favorite hangouts. Even then, we recognized how incredibly special this space is and how it commanded our reverence and respect. The memories of those times live on in the experiences we shared with those no longer with us and those who have moved away but always are up for a trip to “The Sem” when they are in town.

What are your hopes for the future of Mundelein Seminary?

We hope to see the campus and mission remain as a place of welcome, growth, grace, and peace. In a world that can still seem confusing and complicated, this is a place for much-needed contemplation, reflection, and restoration for all who experience its quiet transformative power.

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