Jim Elder

What memories would you like to share about Mundelein Seminary?

Mundelein truly is a spiritual place. Years ago, while on my parish liturgy board, we would do our retreats at Mundelein. The Lake was always a great bonding and faith-filled walk. The chapel most Holy you really got a sense of what the seminary is all about. Walk through the seminary, you see seminarians of all stages. Approachable and welcoming, willing to take the extra effort to guide and assist your journey through Mundelein.

Take a moment at the gazebo by the lake. We used to sing there with our music director. Truly memorable for lay people and religious alike.

Share a story of a parish priest who has had an impact on your faith.

Fr. Mike Scherschel is my pastor at St Hubert Catholic Church. He is also our local council #6964 September Knight of the Month. He leads by example. He could have taken the easy way with the pandemic. He jumped in and did even more for his parish. Knowing many in his parish could not attend Mass once it reopened, he recorded and produced a video Mass from home. Parishioners who cannot make it to Mass watch and love it. He also initiated a reopening team to make all who feel safe came to our parish home and found the church sanitized and welcoming. He has kept his church and school moving forward, even with reduced budget. Brother & Father Mike Scherschel, Thank you for the extra effort.

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